Audiolab: The Sampler (DSD)

Audiolab: The Sampler (DSD)

Curated in collaboration with, Audiolab proudly presents a new DSD compilation, free with DSD compatible Audiolab products.

Cambridgeshire, England-- Formed in the early 1980s by Philip Swift and Derek Scotland, Audiolab earned worldwide acclaim with its range of hi-fi electronics including DACs, amplifiers and CD players. 

Combining the company’s original ethos of simple, well-constructed ergonomics and crisp, transparent sound with innovative, performance-led design concepts, Audiolab products have won a plethora of awards, bringing enjoyment to music lovers all over the world. 

The latest evolutionary phase in Audiolab’s story focuses on the reproduction of high resolution audio. The latest generation of CD players and DACs incorporate advanced circuitry, enabling the playback of DSD music files, including DSD 64, DSD 128 and DSD 256 file resolutions.

 A Match Made In Heaven

While Native DSD ( provides an industry-leading platform for DSD music downloads - collaboration between the two companies is clearly a perfect fit.

The result is a compilation exploring the latest in DSD high-resolution audio, and together we proudly present ‘Audiolab: The Sampler (DSD)’, available exclusively at The sampler explores an exciting selection of Pop, Jazz, Classical and Audiophile music, available in up to DSD 256 quality. Each track has been hand-picked to showcase the performance of Audiolab’s latest generation of DSD compatible players, while equally, it serves as the perfect introduction to the world of hi-res audio on any device.

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How To Claim A Free Copy


For a limited time only, we are giving away free downloads of ‘Audiolab: The Sampler (DSD)’, with every DSD compatible Audiolab product. This includes Audiolab 8300CD, M-DAC+ and our new integrated amplifier M-ONE. This download is exlusive to

Leaflets with a unique download code will be supplied with limited Audiolab units, and users can claim a free copy by following the below steps.

1). Go to:

2). Create an account (free), select the DSD Music and go to checkout

3). Apply the coupon code “xxxxx” and download for free 

4). Enjoy!

For those without a leaflet or who have purchased an Audiolab 8300CD, M-DAC+ or M-ONE after 1st September 2016, a claim can be made by following the below steps:

1). E-mail

2). Include date, place of purchase, item purchased, full name and serial number within the e-mail.

3). Wait to receive your free download coupon code via e-mail.

4). Go to:

5.). Create an account (free), select the DSD Music and go to checkout

6). Apply the coupon code “xxxxx” and download for free 

7). Enjoy

hy DSD?

DSD is a hi-res music format compatible with the latest generation of Audiolab electronics including 8300CD, M-DAC+ and M-ONE. The improved soundstage of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) gives room to breathe. You can hear more details in the intonation (overtones) & dynamics, which results in a large emotional impact. Often described as, ‘helicopter view’ of music listening you are able to place the various musicians in the space around you. For the first time in music history, producers have stopped playing cat-and-mouse with the consumers of recorded music: we now all experience and enjoy the same (the highest possible) quality of recorded music.

More about Native DSD Music

• Native DSD Music is an online download platform offering DSD Music from 40+ Labels.

• Currently nearly one thousand DSD Albums are available for download in 64fs (DSD), 128fs (Double DSD) & 256fs (Quad DSD) and DXD quality with Stereo, Multichannel and Binaural versions.

• Various genres like, Jazz, Classical, Traditional Chinese, Independent Acoustic, New Age and more.

• Custom tagged .dsf files for optimum metadata display on DACs and Music Servers.

• Specials & DSD News in weekly newsletters and interactive blogs, serving the DSD community.

Audiolab: The Sampler (DSD)


3 album versions: DSD 256 stereo – DSD 128 stereo – DSD 64 stereo

Exclusive to

1.      Firefly – Sonic Rade (4:07) 

Pop, from Sideways on VDM Music in DSD 256 Stereo

2.      Nice Work If You Can Get It – Dee Alexander (4:15) 

Jazz, Vocal, from Magic on HDTT in DSD 256 Stereo

3.      Sonata in E-Flat Major Op. 18 – Improvisation,

 Andante ca ntabile – Noè Inui, violin & Vassilis Varvaresos, Piano (9:07)

 Classical from The First and the Last Romantic on Navis Classics in DSD 256 Stereo & Multichannel

4.      Gone –  Sophisticated Lady (2:47) 

Jazz, Instrumental from Jazz Quartet, Volume 2 on Yarlung in DSD 256 Stereo

5.      Loro – Breno Viricimo & Friends (5:04) – Audiophile

from Raizes on Just Listen in DSD 256 Stereo & Multichannel