Our Story

Peter Comeau: Acoustic Director

As part of IAG Group LTD. (including brands such as Quad, Wharfedale and Mission), Audiolab hi-fi products are supervised by IAG acoustic director Peter Comeau. His experience within the hi-fi industry spans over 30 years, and is an invaluable asset to Audiolab in achieving the purest sound, fantastic value for money and a thrilling user experience.

"I still remember the very first time I heard the Audiolab 8200CD prototype. It was in the designer's hide-away, a glass walled lab surrounded by all types of high-tech measuring equipment connected to circuits in various stages of undress. Even in that environment it was clear that this CD player/DAC was something special.

Up until that point I'd never paid too much attention to digitally stored music. Having grown up with tape and the LP, I was an analogue fan through and through, happy to use CDs as a work tool but not for personal listening.

8200CD changed all that. What I heard through this multi-layered DAC with its fine-tuned filters made me feel that digital had finally come of age. Since then I've built up my collection of CDs and, these days, downloaded music files, the latter channeled from my iMac to an M-DAC.

And now we have 8300CD which has taken the replay of digitally stored music to a new level of enjoyment. It's a remarkable journey, from the first Philips CD player to the flexibility and clarity that we have now."

- Peter Comeau, Acoustic Director, IAG Group LTD